Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Evening Falls

Life on the hill is interesting (the area where the new barn was built). Tonight I spent about 2 hours taking care of the sheep.
I let Scrapper out to run with babies. These two lambs seem to be a couple of rejects, it is a shame. Why this happen is hard to say. Babies mom is about 20 years old she is one of my original Romney sheep. She had twins and I had to supplement feed babies.
While I was gone to a show last weekend Scrapper got abandoned. Scrapper just did not fit in with mom, who she was a first time mom and did not like what she had - Scrapper.
Tonight I had to take him out and let him run with the other lambs. They had fun. There she did not get hit and kicked by mom.
I separate scrapper from mom each night to see to it she does not get hurt. You should come to see scrapper. I never saw such a cute, adorable little Teeswater born. She has a gray under color with black tips on her wool.
I hope to get pictures up soon showing the two rejected lambs.

Yes today I had some interesting calls.
They wanted to know about picking fiber with Paula's Picker. I told them yes they can spin from the picked fiber. Often people will go from picking to carding, but with Paula's picker you can just start spinning from the picked fiber.

The Vinery in Madison call me to see if I thought getting Michael Barley, the beadmaker to come and teach. Michael is from Washington State. The Vinery wondered what I thought of his teaching.
I think he is great.
Take a look at his website and see what you think, it is a very inspiring website.

I am so excited. I am going to be getting the cement poured soon in the garage and studio.

Well I will sign off tonight and get to making dinner. It is so late. I will never loose weight eating this late.

Day after the rain

I have to tell you about the new lamb that is a 67.5 % teeswater, black ewe.
She is so cute. But her mom does not want to own her. I had to get up early this morning to hold the mom so the baby can eat. (5:30am)
I am calling her scrapper. She is the best little scrapper I have ever seen. The mom hits her and beats her up and she still goes for the milk.
I separate the mom and baby at night so she will not get killed by her mom.

Today seems so unusual it has the sun out sometime and then it is not.
Seems a little chill in the air.

I can hear the little babies out in the barn hussling and hurrying around to find mom and eat.
I will soon have to feed scrapper to make sure she lives. I also have a little black twin I call babies. I feed her three times a day. It is so cute I just place the bottle on the fence holler for babies and she comes and eats her fill of milk.

I think I know have this blogging deal down. You will see me post thru out the day and week.
I have to let you know the midwest Alpaca show is going on this weekend.
Yes the shop is open and I will be at the show. So hope to see you stop by the shop or the show.
I will send you a picture of the new lambs tonight.
I hope I remember how Lynda showed me how to post a picture.

Hey tomorrow I am moving the shop some more want to help stop by 9:00 am. Betty Singer is coming.

Signing off now Susan 10:27 am.Wed.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Holly and her wire jewelry

Holly modeling her knitted wire jewelry at the Madison Knitters' Guild!
Really pretty stuff, Holly!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Moving Books!

We are all set up to start moving things into the new addition today! Saturday Tim (DH) sprayed the final coat on the stain of the heated flooring and it is ready to be walked on.

I have lasagna in the oven and bread and tea and coffee ready for all helpers!

Come on over and move a few boxes and eat and talk.

We will have a great time and a "burden shared" and all that!

A burden shared is only half a trouble

I knew you cared, I knew you'd understand

A burden shared is only half a trouble

Joy that's shared is joy made double

Michelle Shocked

Have you seen this book? It is one of the new books in the shop and came out in January. Publisher's Weekly said:
Between running her Manhattan yarn shop, Walker & Daughter, and raising her 12-year-old biracial daughter, Dakota, Georgia Walker has plenty on her plate in Jacobs's debut novel. But when Dakota's father reappears and a former friend contacts Georgia, Georgia's orderly existence begins to unravel. Her support system is her staff and the knitting club that meets at her store every Friday night, though each person has dramas of her own brewing. Jacobs surveys the knitters' histories... largely occupied by munching on baked goods, sipping coffee and watching the knitters size each other up. Club members' troubles don't intersect so much as build on common themes of domestic woes and betrayal. It takes a while, but when Jacobs, who worked at Redbook and Working Woman, hits her storytelling stride, poignant twists propel the plot and help the pacing find a pleasant rhythm. (Jan.) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc.

Sound Good? Stop by and pick up a copy!

Here is a darling picture of my grandson Joey when he was just crawling and he got into some lovely white wool. Sure is a chip off the old block, isn't he??

Not that we are prejudiced or anything!

Well, see you real soon! Stop by; we would love to have you company and help!


Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Weekend Sale at Susan's

We have been really busy here at Susan's! We are in the process of getting ready to move into the new addition. And is it ever cool! Wait til you see the new space-I will post pictures really soon. We have had many lambs born and Patrick L. has been the shepherd some of the time with pretty good results. Many healthy lambs born...even if it doesn't FEEL like spring today!

The new addition will add 1600 plus square feet! We can't wait to get things moved into the new area BUT...we don't want to move all our yarn and equipment! Yarn, books and fiber are marked 25% until Monday April 9 (Closed for Easter.) Please come out and help us not have to move so much!

We are planning a cosy seating area and will be moving all the wheels into the new area. The area where are looms are now will be spread out so that you can try the looms easily. Holly is planning on helping with the big move. Are YOU free to help??? Come on over and give us a hand. If you spend the day we will feed you and have LOTS of coffee!

We are also busy planning the Midwest Felting Symposium for the end of July. Check the website for the teachers and classes post now. One of the teachers we are really excited about is Judit Pocs from Hungary who will be teaching a couple of full two day courses on hats and jewelry.
Here is a neck decoration by Judit's.

Pócs Judit: Csigás nyakék [2003] merinógyapjú, fém, ezüstszál, 9x9 cm

Stop by and see us for all your fiber needs!
We will talk again soon and I will try get lamb pictures for you!