Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Evening Falls

Life on the hill is interesting (the area where the new barn was built). Tonight I spent about 2 hours taking care of the sheep.
I let Scrapper out to run with babies. These two lambs seem to be a couple of rejects, it is a shame. Why this happen is hard to say. Babies mom is about 20 years old she is one of my original Romney sheep. She had twins and I had to supplement feed babies.
While I was gone to a show last weekend Scrapper got abandoned. Scrapper just did not fit in with mom, who she was a first time mom and did not like what she had - Scrapper.
Tonight I had to take him out and let him run with the other lambs. They had fun. There she did not get hit and kicked by mom.
I separate scrapper from mom each night to see to it she does not get hurt. You should come to see scrapper. I never saw such a cute, adorable little Teeswater born. She has a gray under color with black tips on her wool.
I hope to get pictures up soon showing the two rejected lambs.

Yes today I had some interesting calls.
They wanted to know about picking fiber with Paula's Picker. I told them yes they can spin from the picked fiber. Often people will go from picking to carding, but with Paula's picker you can just start spinning from the picked fiber.

The Vinery in Madison call me to see if I thought getting Michael Barley, the beadmaker to come and teach. Michael is from Washington State. The Vinery wondered what I thought of his teaching.
I think he is great.
Take a look at his website and see what you think, it is a very inspiring website.

I am so excited. I am going to be getting the cement poured soon in the garage and studio.

Well I will sign off tonight and get to making dinner. It is so late. I will never loose weight eating this late.


Lynda said...
Take a look a t my blog!

Anonymous said...

Lynda I like the cat picture.
Also good look with the new squeekers. What colors are they now(naked)?