Friday, July 13, 2007

More Pictures

Here is Ginger Hahn enjoying sheepy times:

Where is the food?

Patrick's favorite thistle:

It's taller than Susan!

The Clock is Ticking

We are getting so excited about the Midwest Felting Symposium! Things are moving very fast here and if you were hoping to take a class, PLEASE call today! For more information, call 920-623-4237 or e-mail

This is going to be a lively collection of classes and vendors in all types of felting and fulling. You will be intrigued and inspired by what you see and learn from our national and international renowned teachers. I am thrilled by the line up and look forward to meeting all the interesting artists. I hope you will be there too. Please don't miss out on the nearly week-long festivities!

Also don't forget, The Alliant Center is air conditioned and the parking is FREE!

Here are some pictures of our new construction and goings on at the shop:

This is Susan's office/shipping area.

Here is Susan's patio with new furniture:

Notice how the sheep can come right up to the patio to visit with us!
This is where the beads used to be along the wall:
I'll post more pictures later-Patrick took my camera to Susan's for the day so we have some fun pictures. Also got some pictures from Bee!
Please remember to get your registration in for the Felting Symposium!
Lynda for Susan!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Midwest Felting Event

Wow The Felting Symposium is only 20 days away. We had an article in Wisconsin Farmer talking about the event. Did anyone see this? I have not seen it yet.
I also had
Ruth Sybers here this weekend and she gave me a copy of what is on her website. Check this out textilesJun07.htm or click on Ruth's name above.

You will see nice photos of felted items by instructors and students. This is only a small part of what you can see in the gallery at the symposium July 25-29, gallery open Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. If you are a participant you will get a sneak preview of the shopping and the gallery on Thursday, the opening night.
There are still classes open so you too can come and join us.
If nothing else stop by for shopping and gallery (with free parking all days) on Friday-Saturday-Sunday.
Don't forget to
come and enjoy the air-conditioning at the Alliant energy exhibition hall on the second level. Holly is here at the shop working on all the symposium items today getting the name tags and other items ready.
I just got in the new book Felt and Stitch by Sheila Smith. It is a great book.

So have a cool day, make sure you weather the storm that they say is coming. Stop by the shop and see the progression of our expansion. Patrick is here painting today, freshening the look of the nostalgia (original) part of the shop.
The sheep are in the near pasture so you can now go sit out on the deck and they will come up so you can touch the soft great wool of the Romney and Teeswater sheep.

Have a great time today. Hope to see you!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Rain and Sale

Yippee it rained this morning! The grass needed it and the sheep in a few days will have green spears of grass to nibble on. Lately all we have had is hay to feed the sheep. The pastures were burning up with the heat and no rain.

Here is the new patio my carpenter Mike put up this weekend.

I love it! You will too as we have lawn furniture out there to sit and enjoy the view. The new cement was a God send with the rain. No mud outside the back door. I just went beyond the cement and stepped into a sea of mud. Yes it rained a lot. Thank goodness! Not Complaining!!
I am reorganizing the old part of the shop.
It is so neat to have 3636 sq feet to work in.
(Oh, just wait I have to take care of a customer.) My customers are enjoying the trip to the shop and taking advantage of the 7-July 7 seven items of yarn or books and get 27% off sale.

My dog Doby is kicking back enjoying the cool down we are experiencing after the rain. But, it will be heating up again soon. I feel the humidity and heat. Do you know yesterday at Susan's it was 107 degrees! We were hot with sales and hot outside.

We have gotten in several new books. One of the new ones is

Travel Guide 2006-2007. This book tells you were to find all the great shops in Wisconsin and the USA (yes I am listed in this travel guide)! Stop by and I can show you my page.

We also have the new Interweave magazine FELT. Beautiful photos and ideas! Take a looks like it will be huge!

Well back to putting the shop together and waiting on more customers.

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Susan's big 7-7-07 sale has been so successful that she decided to extend it for, are you ready, 7 more days! Stop out and take stock of Susan's extensive yarn inventory and buy more yarn and books.

All yarn and books on sale for seven items for 27% off!

Eyelash yarns "seven for 37%" off!!

Wait until you see what Susan has done with her gorgeous shop! Enjoy the cosy gathering area and sit and knit or spin and enjoy the view! You will be amazed and the deals are great!
Call if you need more information!
Susan's Fiber Shop
N250 Hwy A
Columbus, WI 53925

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Susan's Big Sale

Susan's Fiber Shop

Big 7/7/07


To celebrate the

7th day of the 7th month in the year 07,

Susan will have

all yarn and books on sale for seven items for 27% off!

Eyelash yarns "seven for 37%" off!!

Stop in to the shop and see all the changes she is working on and get HUGE Savings!

Help Susan celebrate this once in a lifetime day and


We will look for you there on Saturday July 7th, 2007


Come and see all the new changes we have made in the shop and take advantage of the SAVINGS!!

Call if you need more information!


Susan's Fiber Shop

N250 Hwy A

Columbus, WI 53925