Friday, July 13, 2007

The Clock is Ticking

We are getting so excited about the Midwest Felting Symposium! Things are moving very fast here and if you were hoping to take a class, PLEASE call today! For more information, call 920-623-4237 or e-mail

This is going to be a lively collection of classes and vendors in all types of felting and fulling. You will be intrigued and inspired by what you see and learn from our national and international renowned teachers. I am thrilled by the line up and look forward to meeting all the interesting artists. I hope you will be there too. Please don't miss out on the nearly week-long festivities!

Also don't forget, The Alliant Center is air conditioned and the parking is FREE!

Here are some pictures of our new construction and goings on at the shop:

This is Susan's office/shipping area.

Here is Susan's patio with new furniture:

Notice how the sheep can come right up to the patio to visit with us!
This is where the beads used to be along the wall:
I'll post more pictures later-Patrick took my camera to Susan's for the day so we have some fun pictures. Also got some pictures from Bee!
Please remember to get your registration in for the Felting Symposium!
Lynda for Susan!

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