Monday, July 9, 2007

Rain and Sale

Yippee it rained this morning! The grass needed it and the sheep in a few days will have green spears of grass to nibble on. Lately all we have had is hay to feed the sheep. The pastures were burning up with the heat and no rain.

Here is the new patio my carpenter Mike put up this weekend.

I love it! You will too as we have lawn furniture out there to sit and enjoy the view. The new cement was a God send with the rain. No mud outside the back door. I just went beyond the cement and stepped into a sea of mud. Yes it rained a lot. Thank goodness! Not Complaining!!
I am reorganizing the old part of the shop.
It is so neat to have 3636 sq feet to work in.
(Oh, just wait I have to take care of a customer.) My customers are enjoying the trip to the shop and taking advantage of the 7-July 7 seven items of yarn or books and get 27% off sale.

My dog Doby is kicking back enjoying the cool down we are experiencing after the rain. But, it will be heating up again soon. I feel the humidity and heat. Do you know yesterday at Susan's it was 107 degrees! We were hot with sales and hot outside.

We have gotten in several new books. One of the new ones is

Travel Guide 2006-2007. This book tells you were to find all the great shops in Wisconsin and the USA (yes I am listed in this travel guide)! Stop by and I can show you my page.

We also have the new Interweave magazine FELT. Beautiful photos and ideas! Take a looks like it will be huge!

Well back to putting the shop together and waiting on more customers.

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