Friday, July 13, 2007

More Pictures

Here is Ginger Hahn enjoying sheepy times:

Where is the food?

Patrick's favorite thistle:

It's taller than Susan!


Mary said...

Susan; Just discovered your Blog. It is super! Hope the Felting event went well, I sure wish I could have attended. I hope you will get down here for the Bead Show in February. Big News My son Bill and his wife Montique are having twins! I told him it was payment for all the trouble he and his twin Kurt gave me. Miss you, Mary (Tucson, AZ)

Anonymous said...

Mary again. Are you OK? I havn't seen anything new on the blog in ages. Hope everything is super and you are just too busy to blog.
We will be in WI in June and I hope to get down to the shop. (Saving my money!!!!) We come in on the 5th of June and leave on the 16th. Miss you.