Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quellon and Noro Sock Yarn

Eisaku Noro’s artistry in blending colors and fibers remains unsurpassed. Wearing a garment created with Noro yarn is like wearing a work of art. The colors are just amazing!

Fiber: 70% Wool, 30% Nylon

Yardage: 462 Stitches: 7.5

Needle size: 2

Quellon is by Araucania. Araucania Yarns are inspired by ancient Chilean crafts made from hand painted natural yarns. Michele told us: "My mother and I joined our talents and experience to create a company with the goal of introducing this traditional style to the world outside Chile. We are developing a wide range of exclusive variegated colors based entirely on the hand craft process. Each hank is different; its individual beauty emerges as the artisan blends color in the kettle to create several unique shades."

Quellon's Fiber: 82% Viscose 18% Cotton
Yardage: 161
Stitches: 4.5
Needle size: 7

Quellon is located at the south end of the great island of Chiloe. You can find the cultural expression of the ethnic group Huilliche, which with their artistic expressions, like weaves and crafts, is one of the great tourist attractions. In some of its localities the traditional techniques of spinning, weaving, dyeing, and basketwork can be appreciated still today. The natural scene is one of the most beautiful, where it is possible to find animals near extinction, like the Pudu.

Sorry this picture is so dark! This is really a lovely yarn and good yardage per skein!

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